Information About This Service.(

Wayp Internet Group offer different services, so you can work more efficiently and make more out of the variety of possibilities Internet gives you.

This information is a product developed by linking together and coordinating all valid data bases, giving information about telephone numbers, fax numbers, names and addresses. These pages, which Wayp Internet Group make available, are only to those telephone companies and/or businesses meeting the demand for quality and ease of operation.

Some of our links take you to pages that are not in English. Most of the countries have an info-page made by Wajens Internet Group in English. On these pages you will find useful hints aiding your search. We update our Info-pages regularly and new countries will be added when they are available. Wajens' Info-pages will also give some information on the database we are linking to in the respective country. This might be information on search-possibilities, updating, limitations, etc. This information is based on Wajens Internet Group's experience only and reflects nothing else. We have regular updating but it might be that we have not included the last updating of the local data base in our last edition. Sites that we are testing or do not meet our standard we have listed on this page.

If there are information and/or sites on Internet, that should be included in our Wayp Internet Services, We would like and we will include the site, subject to our approval.

Good luck, we hope you enjoy this information from Wayp Internet Group.