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Wayp Internet Group provides advertisers one of the best opportunities to deliver product and brand messages to all segments of the world wide web audience. Users of Wayp Internet Group`s "International White and Yellow Pages" ( represent all categories of companies and individuals searching for information of people, companies, businesses, addresses and phone numbers - world wide! Any product or service you want to profile or sell you will probably target the audience by a banner ad on our site.

There are numbers of possibilities, contact our ad-department:

(|helpwayp| at |wayp| |com||)

to receive more information or to place an order.

One advertisment on the bottom of all our main pages is priced on a 6 to 12 month basis. The pricerange for one link of the five links on all pages are 450 US$ to 550 US$ a month. this includes links on all our 20 main pages. The price for a main banner (where the google banner is now) is 1300 US$ a month for exclusive rights for 1 month on all our main pages. For 6 months the price will be 5500 US$ to have a banner on all our main (about 20) pages.

If you are interested please e-mail (|helpwayp| |at| |wayp| |com|).

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